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Cyprus Income tax

Cyprus Tax – Stamp duty & Cyprus Registrar of Companies



Stamp Duty:  
• Receipts:  
 For sums over €4 €0,07
• Cheques €0,05
• Letters of credit €2
• Letters of guarantee €4
• Bills of exchange (under certain conditions) €1
• Contracts  
 Up to €5.000    0
 Over €5.000 0, 15%
 Over €170.000 0, 20%
 With no fixed sum €35
• Bills of lading €4
• Charterparty €18
• Powers of attorney:  
 General €6
 Limited €2
• Certified copies of contracts and documents €2
• Customs documents €18-€35
• Issue of Cyprus tax resident certificate  by Cyprus Tax Department €80
From the 1st March 2013, stamp duty has been capped at a maximum amount of €20.000.
Cyprus Registrar of Companies Levies
• Incorporation of a limited liability company €105
• Annual levy paid to the Cyprus Registrar of Companies. The maximum amount of € 20,000 still applies to a Group of companies. The levy is payable from the year of incorporation of the company to the Cyprus Registrar of Companies. It is payable up to the 30th of June of each year. Late payment gives rise to penalties.

• No stamp duties are payable for documents prepared as a result of loan restructuring


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