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Why Cyprus Company Formation


Why Cyprus Company Incorporation

Over the past twenty years, Cyprus has developed into one of the most favorable places for international business. A transparent tax regime combined with its excellent geographical position and infrastructure and its ability to offer sophisticated Cyprus planning opportunities, its ability to set up and manage collective investments schemes, the enactment of the Cyprus International Trusts Law which provided for the formation and administration of Cyprus International Trusts combined with its excellent geographical position and infrastructure were the key factors for its success.

Important benefits when choosing Cyprus for Cyprus company incorporation:

  1. Cyprus Double Tax Treaties

    • Acknowledge as having the best choice of inward/outward investment for certain countries e.g. Russia, Ukraine, Poland, and many CEE countries;

    • Double tax treaties with, China, etc.

  2. Appropriate  Legal System

    • Flexible and workable Corporate and Trust laws based on the UK legal system;

    • Setting up of a Cyprus company or Cyprus International Trust is relatively quick, easy with clear responsibilities and duties of all parties such as directors, shareholders, trustees, protectors, investors, etc;

  3. Tax Efficient System for International Business

    • Zero Tax on dividends income;

    • Zero withholding tax on dividends to non-residents;

    • Zero capital gain tax on the sale of qualifying titles shares;

    • 12,5% Cyprus income tax on net interest income and/or other income.

  4. Quality of Professional Services

    • Cyprus lawyers and Cyprus accountants are:

      • mostly UK standard educated;

      • member of self-registered bodies governed by ethical codes of UK or  International organizations i.e. UK ACCA, UK ACA, etc.

  5. Cyprus business Language

    • English

  6. Educated skill force for employment

  7. Flexible Residence, Cyprus Passport/Visa/Working for Executives and Key personnel

  8. Cyprus business environment. Good business environment, Cyprus living is of a high standard, good climate.

  9. Price. One of the cheaper places in the EU for fiduciary services and maintaining international companies/trusts, especially compared to Luxembourg, Switzerland, Holland, etc).


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