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Cyprus economic substance and beneficial ownership….. 18 solutions

The case of Cyprus
The viability of international tax planning and business structures has been affected by a coordinated effort by the G8 to address tax evasion of offshore companies. These changing regulatory requirements raise important questions for owners of Cypriot companies:…Read more

New Cyprus tax bill is expected to pass during the year 2015

Recently there have been new developments in the Cyprus tax legislation. A new law “domicile law” is now prepared which is similar to that of the UK and is expected to pass as a new law during the year 2015. The proposals under discussion relates to “non-domicile” individuals. Read more…

Cyprus capital controls are now totally lifted

Capital controls introduced after Cyprus bailout two years ago, are now totally lifted.The lifting of all remaining control marks the definite restoration of confidence in Cyprus banking system. Cyprus introduced capital controls to prevent an outflow of capital after international lenders forced Cyprus to close down a bank and to recapitalize its primary lender by seizing 47.5 percent of deposits over 100,000 euros as part of a 10-billion-euro bailout plan in March 2013. 

Why Cyprus Company formation

Over the past twenty years, Cyprus has developed into one of the most favourable places for international business. A low tax regime combined with its excellent geographical position and infrastructure and its ability to offer sophisticated Cyprus tax planning opportunities, its ability to set up and manage Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs), the enactment of the Cyprus International Trusts Law which provided for the formation and administration of Cyprus International Trusts combined with its excellent geographical position and infrastructure where the key factors for its success. Read more…

Cyprus Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) update

Cyprus reformed its law on Investment Funds. The law was welcomed by fund managers and fund administrators as Cyprus Investments Funds structures are now more flexible, transparent and marketable. The new law is expected to make Cyprus Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) more attractive than they used to be in the past… Read more.
Read also Cyprus Funds in a “Nutshell”

Cyprus luxury Marinas

Limassol Luxury Marina has reported record residential sales to date, revealing that some 80% of the development’s apartments have been sold thus far. Limassol Marina offers exclusive waterfront developments combining elegant residences and a state-of-the-art marina with exclusive restaurants and shops, to create a lifestyle uniquely shaped by ‘living on the sea’. It boasts a capacity of 650 berths, able to accommodate yachts between 8 and 115m. It also combines luxury apartments and exclusive villas with private berths or direct access to the beach. Limassol luxury Marina has established itself as one of the most attractive and unique projects across Europe.

Cyprus Luxury casino resort

A bill has been passed by the Cyprus parliament which shall allow for the establishment and operation of casinos in Cyprus. The government aims to select and license a casino operator within less than a year. The casino resort – whose cost of construction is estimated at €500 million is expected to bring to the Island high-net-worth individuals. It is worth mentioning that the Casino resort would require the attraction of an additional 500,000 to one million tourists to the island annually. The casino will be of international standards, a hotel or hotels exceeding the requirements for a five-star establishment under existing laws with at least 500 luxury rooms, at least 100 gaming tables and at least 1,000 gaming machines.

PKF Cyprus Tax Guide 2015

PKF Cyprus Tax Guide 2015 provides comprehensive and up to date information to Cyprus Companies and Individuals on Cyprus tax system and on Cyprus Tax rates, such as personal income tax, corporate tax, capital gains tax, immovable property tax, VAT rates, immovable property transfer fees, Cyprus Double Tax Treaties,  etc. In addition PKF Cyprus Tax Guide can be a useful reference in general and Cyprus tax planning.. Read more

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