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Cyprus Trusts

Our experts can help you with the formation and administration of  Cyprus International trusts and funds

Cyprus International Trusts

+ Cyprus International Trust formation

+ Cyprus International Trust administration

Specific areas of expertise

+ Ensure that the Cyprus International trust is in accordance with the Cyprus Laws and any other jurisdiction Laws which recognise the concept of Trust.

+ Validity in case of transfer or disposition of movable or immovable property in to the trust.

+ Tax implications of transfer or disposition of movable or immovable property

+ Assigning adequate powers to the parties and decisions if the Cyprus international trust will be with or without protector

+ Obtaining settlor wishes in case of his death.

+ Maintenance of accounting records and distribution of wealth to beneficiaries during their lifetime

+ Maintenance of strong room for placement of documents.

+ International and Cyprus tax planning for settlors, beneficiaries, protectors etc. and advice on international and Cyprus tax issues both in Cyprus and International (subject to correspondence with our associates in related jurisdictions)

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