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Cyprus company and Cyprus tax planning



1)  Favourable tax regime

– Cyprus tax (Corporation) tax rate 12,5% including interest income (Low profit margin on loans acceptable)

Cyprus tax (Corporation) tax rate on Intellectual Property (Royalties etc.) tax less than 3%

– No capital gains taxes

– Full exemption from Cyprus tax on dividend income received in almost all cases,

– Dividend payments from Cyprus Company to Zero Tax Company/EU/Non EU entity/Individual non resident recipient will not suffer any withholding Cyprus tax.

2)  One of the cheapest places in EU for fiduciary services and maintaining International companies/trusts/Collective investment schemes/, especially compared to Luxembourg, Switzerland, Netherlands, etc).

3) Cyprus is not an offshore jurisdiction; it is a member of EU with low tax regime, offering sophisticated planning structures combined with the formation and administration of International trust and collective investments schemes empowered by Corporate, collective investments schemes and Trust laws based on UK legal system

4) High quality professional services; Cyprus accountants and lawyers are mostly UK educated and members of professional bodies governed by ethical codes of UK or International organisations.

5) Opening of a Cyprus bank account or opening of a bank account anywhere in the world without losing Cyprus taxation benefits


Cyprus business can be initiated within few working days by:

1) Acquire a Cyprus company (shelf  Company) transfer shares to nominees who will hold the shares on behalf of the ultimate beneficial owners thus keeping identity secret and preparation of deeds of trust by the nominees declaring that they hold the shares in trust on behalf of the ultimate beneficial shareholders

2) Open a Cyprus bank account in the name of Cyprus Company by obtaining from the beneficial owners, copy of passport, utility bill and a bank reference letter. You may also open bank accounts anywhere in the world and in any currency.


PKF / ATCO Limited is a member firm of the PKF International Limited network of legally independent firms and does not accept any responsibility or liability for the actions or inactions on the part of any other individual member firm or firms. This publication is for information purposes only and should not be considered as professional advice.

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